Noblesse Oblige

Everybody Loves A Wedding Part II

Session 002

Session II


Paul – Alistair Van Lieber

Adam – Tequis Van Lieber

Francis – Childress Van Lieber

Phil – Weath Van Lieber

The session opened the night of the grand duel. Weath is approached by one of the Van Lieber bannermen who wants his youngest son to be a paige for the "World's Greatest Swordsman." Weath accepts the duty. Childress goes to his bedroom that night to find his exotic lover, Chinwe, waiting there for him. She teases him for choosing some strumpet over her and decides to be jealous about it (and says so much). He tells her that it's just political. She says that it's always been political and she slips off into the night.

The next morning, the brothers are rejoined by Alistair who is filled in on recent events. They talk a bit about the repurcussions of the duel and how to best handle them. Soon, Emil barges in with news that the Queen is addressing the King, Bastion, Otto, and the sworn houses in the great hall.

They arrive to find Istmir finishing up a statement describing the meeting the mages had about discussing magical involvement in the duel. He leaves out the part about him calling the meeting and the conclusion not to interfere. The Queen demands the results of the duel be cast aside as Saebert was drunk and she thinks the Van Liebers used magical aid as she can't fathom how a nobody like Weath could best her brother.

Tequis charges into the hall with his brothers and immediately begin disputing points, rattling off facts and shrugging off insults so well that he literally left the Queen stunned. Having won the argument, the Queen's claims are dismissed and she storms off.

Tequis goes to see Mathias to see where he was. He was given a task by the royals to keep him busy. He suspects more manipulation by the Shadow Court in this affair but has no time to look into it.

Weath meets his paige, Tyler, who is excited about his post and wants to lean how to fight immediately. Weath tries to keep him busy and tries to gain access to Saebert to claim his prize: his leg. The guards stop him.

Childress's wedding goes off as planned, but he finds his wife is both uppity and mean. Her expectations seem to be rather high.

The next morning the sons are awakened to new that their father is missing. They all decide to keep it quiet. Mathias can detect a slight magical undercurrent, but not something he's familiar with. This presence is strongest in the grove. Investigation there reveals scratches high up on trees, as if something crashed through…

Childress orders an excavation of the grove to look for secret passages. Tequis goes to find Istmir, who apologizes for his earlier actions. He justifies these as further manipulations to get the queen to trust him as he knew the Van Lieber's would come out on top. He also reveals that Ford has gone missing. Tequis, trusting his supscions, heads towards the Wtichwood with Istmir in tow.

They find Ford about halfway there, broken bleeding, and barely conscious and looking like he was dropped from a great height. He passes out nearly immediately. They commandeer a wagon and take him back to Lieberton.

Alistair hears word from his spy network about Childress's exotic lover.

The dig reveals nothing and Childress's new wife is angry her husband is spending their honeymoon digging a hole. He says he's building her a bathing pool. She buys it.

Tequis and Istmir come across a broken and battered Ford a few miles from The Witchwood.  He's barely conscious and seems to have been dropped from a great height.  The two mages commandeer a peasant's wagon and take him back to Lieberton for treatment.

With all arrows pointing to The Witchwood being the location of their missing father, the brothers Van Lieber decide it is time to investigate that forbidden place.



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