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Podge Cast Recap


So I'm one of the hosts of The Podge Cast, a podcast about gaming, movies, and all kinds of stuff.  Being as both me and another host, Adam, are participating in this campaign the subject of our game and Burning Wheel itself comes up a lot.  Since we game at Adam's house and he has all the recording equipment, he had the bright idea for all the players to do a summary after the game and give their thoughts on what just happened.

This blossomed from something to serve as a record and reminder into something we thought we'd put on our feed.  While I'll be making a chronicle of events in the wiki here, you can hear about how the players saw things and their perspective on mechanics and story in the first in our Campaign Recap series which you can find here.

I'm planning on using this as my main resource for our campaign…but I'm not sure how much I'll get updated before Gen Con.   Stay tuned!


The Campaign Recap series (thus far) is awesome. Its like listening to a thrilling adventure of daring-do. I highly recommend giving it a listen.

Podge Cast Recap

Thanks, buddy!

We’ve got two more done and are doing them weekly until we catch up (which should be this week). Releases will be sporadic, though.

Podge Cast Recap

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