Noblesse Oblige

Into the Witchwood

Session III


After bringing a beaten and broken Ford back to Lieberton, Tequis revealed to his brothers that they should be searching for their father in the Witchwood.  Under the guise of a hunting trip (still keeping the Duke's disappearance secret), the brothers, Mathias, and Tyler headed north.  They initially stopped at a fort just outside of the wood and heard from the head of the garrison that they were understaffed and undersupplied, but things were quiet.  Tequis then led them to the path their father had pointed out to him on their midnight ride. 

The path wound deep into the thick and overgrown woods.  The first thing they came across were the ruins of an old farm.  Broken and overgrown, there was little of interest there aside from the handful of old graves that were missing corpses.  Investigation confirmed that the bodies had dug themselves out from inside.  Weath spotted a figure on the woodline, but it seemed to fade into the trees before he could investigate.

The group continued onwards and discovered numerous waystones that apeared to be ancient.  Even Mathias could not decipher the runs on each.  Following the stones, they arrived at a large clearing.  In the center of the clearing was a large, odd ruin.  A stone floor covered several hundred square feet of ground from which rose numerous half-finished buildings.  Most of the buildings were oriented at odd shapes and there were even stairwells which led nowhere.  In the center of this area was a very large circle of bare ground, covering nearly a hundred yards.  A body lay in the center.

Tequis the conjured a spirit servant to retrieve the body.  As soon as the spirit crossed the threshold to the circle, it turned on it's owner, attacking him.  Tequis used fire breath to destroy it, which caused him to pass out from the strain.  After much debating on what to do, Weath stormed into the circle and marched to the body, which turned out to be their father's.   

At thsi point, a figure appeared near Weath, though only he could see or hear it.  It was a malformed man, elongated and grotesque and wearing a blindfold.  It bore the features of a Van Lieber.  This thing claimed to be Weath's eldest brother and he had claimed their father's body, as promised.  He claimed to be the servant of "The Ancient" and that moving their father's body would have dire circumstances.  He then disappeared.

Weath relayed this message to his brothers who eventually decided to leave the body, but to take their father's signet ring.  As night fell, they began their march out of the Withwood.  Trouble followed them as they were attacked by a group of zombies as they approached a field of barrow mounds.  The group managed to take them all out without great injury, but wondered why they were being attacked since they didn't move the body.

After escaping safely they returned to Lieberton and planned their father's funeral.  Childress became the head of the house.  They also set about forming and training a group of 100 veteran soliders to form an elite group meant to fight the undead.  

Their plans to pacify The Witchwood would have to wait, however, as they prepared for Weath's marriage to the youngest daughter of House Laughlin, which was only a month away.



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