• Alistair Van Lieber

    Alistair Van Lieber

    Secretive and manipulative, Alistair has spend his days building up a small spy network and working hand in hand with a heretical cult.
  • Childress Van Lieber

    Childress Van Lieber

    Heir to the Van Lieber lands, Childress must struggle to lead his people while sticking to his strict interpretation of the law.
  • Tequis Van Lieber

    Tequis Van Lieber

    A mage in a family that despises mages, Tequis has long been an outcast in the political scene. He has spent years roaming the wilds, hunting undead, before his brother's wedding called him back to his home.
  • Weath Van Lieber

    Weath Van Lieber

    A warrior who craved battle so much, he travelled across The Wide Sea to find it. Returned, penniless, from years of campaigning, he must try to fit back into society and serve his House as best he can.