Bastion Van Lieber

Founder of House Van Lieber, Father of the Protagonists, Damned for All Time


A slim and stoic man, burdened by the weight of years…and decisions long passed.

Duke of the Southern Reaches


Bastion was the last of the generals to join Aldric in his rebellion against the Xor, and he only did so when he became convinced victory was a distinct probabliity.  His entry came at a crucial junction and tipped the scales of the war in favor of the rebels.  While celebrated as a hero and raised up as a Duke in the new kingdom, many criticized him for his long wait before entering the war.  Bastion has taken this opportunistic reputation and made it the cornerstone of his House, taking the motto "Wait and See."

Always shrewd and unwavering in his desires, Bastion was often at odds with the other nobles in the early years of the kingdom.  His fueds with Steffan Ostmund became famous and led to more than a few skimishes on their shared border.  As years went on, this open aggression settled into peaceful disdain for each other.  Despite all this, he was given the hand of Mary Alric in marriage, the King's only sister.  In these early years, Bastion developed a hatred for both mages and The Mysterium for unknown reasons.

His union produced numerous children which he took great joy in raising, unlike his wife.  The only child treated poorly by him was Tequis, after it was discovered that he had The Gift.  After that, he had nothing but ire for his son, although a meeting with Tequis before his death seems to dispel this.

The greatest feat in his twilight years was the forging of an alliance with House Tiberius through the marriage of Childress to Ella.  This left his duchy in good hands.  

Almost immediately after the wedding, he went missing and was later found dead in the Witchwood.  His sons covered up the mysterious death and paid homage to their father at a grand funeral.

Bastion Van Lieber

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