Dorian Van Lieber

Uncle of the protagonists, Master of the Van Lieber Fleet


A stout man in mid-fifties with an easy-going demeanor and a smile always at the ready.  Famous for his bawdy storytelling and his deep laugh.


Dorian fought beside his brothers Bastion and Luthor in The Rebellion and showed great aptitude in sailing and maritime strategy.  He was responsible for the boldest attack in the entire Rebellion, raiding and destroying Alluria's port and scuttling numerious warships with an incredibly small force.  After the war, Bastion gratned him command of Southshore and was instrcuted to raise and command the Van Lieber naval forces.

There he made great efforts in nurturing trade with Niambe and other lands across The Gold Sea.  Eventually, he married a young lady from House Bywater and they now have several children.  

Still one of the most popular and well-loved men in the kingdom, Dorian has the energy and cheer of a man half his age.  In recent years, he has become a stout pacifist which has made him reluctant to send any of his ships out to do more than protect trading vessels.  

Dorian Van Lieber

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