Luthor Van Lieber

Uncle of the protagonists, Black sheep of the Van Lieber family.


Handsome, charming, cocksure, and quick-tempered, Luthor is the youngest of the Bastion's brothers.  Known for his penetrating eyes and his deadly skill with a blade. 


Luthor was always the wildest of the elder Van Lieber brothers.  Almost a decade younger than Dorian, he hardly knew Bastion who was out of the household when Luthor was just a boy.  He grew up admiring Dorian, though even he couldn't keeph is younger brother under control he grew older.  Quick-tempered, he was constantly in brawls, usually with peasants and was known to have ladies at his call in nearly every major city.

What finally tamed him, at least slightly, was the sword.  He fell in love with the blade in his late teenage years and found he was quite adept at wielding it.  He constantly trained and it wasn't long before he had the skills to back up his cockiness.  Eventually, he became the Greatest Swordsman in the World, a title he held for years before some ugly murder charges caused him to flee across The Golden Sea.  He's not been heard from in almost fifteen years.

Luthor Van Lieber

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