Mathias Holten


"The Viper"

Age 39

Mage of House Van Lieber


Conceited, headstrong, and willing to do anything to get ahead, The Mysterium sought to teach a lesson in humility to Mathias upon his graduation.  He was recommended to Bastion Van Lieber as a good candidate for House Mage, a position that Bastion had always refused to fill.  For unknown reasons, he stopped his long protest and let Mathias become his House Mage.

Bastion was a cruel master and never once tried to hide his hatred for mages.  He refused to let Mathias cast any spells outside of his chambers, which were in the dungeon and took up the mage's time with menial tasks.  For nearly 14 years he endured under Bastion, knowing that leaving the position would end his career.  He did not waste this time, however.  He used it to become one of the most well-read scholars in the kindgom and to became the loudest voice in The Celestial Court in The Mysterium. Ironic, given his position.

His long lesson in humbleness ended when Childress took over his father's House and gave the mage the respect he had deserved to so long.  Now he has become a trusted and reliable member of the inner circle of House Van Lieber, eager to aid the children he watched grow up.

Mathias Holten

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