Hans Grust

The most reknownged bard in all the land, Hans is still more famous for his lecherous ways than his melodious voice.


A handsome and well-buil man in his early thirites with flowing, curly blonde locks.  His looks, sharp wit, golden voice, and charisma has made him the bane of any father who has a daughter of age.  Those who can look past his womanizing ways often find a man with a keen intellect and a strong sense of loyalty.


Despite humble beginings in The Great Plain, Hans relied on his good looks and musical skill to become one of the most prominent bards in the land, quickly becoming a sensation at tournament after tournament.  Eventually, his ways caught up with him after a minor noble became upset over the deflowering of his eldest daughter who was betrothed to Merchant House Kane.  Lucky for Hans, the King was present at his execution and his keen wiit in his final words caused the King to spare his life.  He became the Royal Bard and his substantial payment for his work is heavily taxed to pay off the debt to the minor lord that would have had his head.

He classifies himself as apolitical, but many suspect differently.

Hans Grust

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