Alistair Van Lieber

Secretive and manipulative, Alistair has spend his days building up a small spy network and working hand in hand with a heretical cult.


Age: 25

Lifepaths: Born Noble, Student, Zealous Convert, Military Scout

 Beliefs: Mages are the only ones with the wisdom to interpret my dreams, Those who follow the doctrines of The Church are unenlightened sheep, House Van Lieber's ascendance is the will of God.

Instincts: Always have a snitch/inside info, Always act on my visions, Always watch for tails.

Traits: Mark of Privelege, Infallible Religious Logic, Righteous, Dreamer

Relationships and Reputations: Friendly relationship with cult leader, Wait and See

Affiliations: House Van Lieber, Seekers of Cyruss (cult), Spy Network, Nobility


Alistair found himself caught up in the beliefs of the Seekers of Cyruss a few years back and has become closely affiliated with that group.  He's also established the foundation of a spy netowrk utilizing his contacts from his days as a military scout. He also suffers from 'prophetic' dreams.

He returns to his home to see his brother's wedding, confidant that he has the knowledge to guide Childress where he truly belongs:  The Crimson Throne.


Played by Paul

Alistair Van Lieber

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