Childress Van Lieber

Heir to the Van Lieber lands, Childress must struggle to lead his people while sticking to his strict interpretation of the law.


Age: 28

Lifepaths: Born Noble, Student, Lord, Courtier

Beliefs: There is nothing above the law, Bring the House up in conversation as much as possible, I deserve the crown

Instincts: Never surprised, Defend Umbuto as a legal operation, Use subterfuge to always undermine the Prince

Traits:  Mark of Privelege, Lordship, Rapier Wit

Relationships and Reputations: Hate the Prince, Love Chinwe Mugambi, Friendship with the Kellet Ostmund, Good relations with serfs, Wait and See

Affiliations: Noble Court, House Van Lieber, Nobility 

Resources: Manages House Affairs

(Stats as of character creation)


Raised under strict tutleage from his father, mother, and seneschal. Childress has been groomed from an early age to take over House Van Lieber.  In recent years he has taken over the family's interests in the kingdom's capital of Alluria.  Known as a rising star in court, it's only his repuration as an avid upholder of the law that has quelled rumors of participation in illegal activities due to his close relationship with the infamou Mugambi Merchant Guild.  In truth, he is in love with Chinwe Mugambi, the owner's wife, and she is equally passionate about him.  It's a dangerous affair with little chance of happy ending, particularly given Childress's betrothal to Ella Tiberius.

With his wedding looming, before the first session, Childress has no idea how drastically his life is about to change…


Played by Francis.

Childress Van Lieber

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