Tequis Van Lieber

A mage in a family that despises mages, Tequis has long been an outcast in the political scene. He has spent years roaming the wilds, hunting undead, before his brother's wedding called him back to his home.


Age: 27

Lifepaths: Born Noble, Arcane Devotee, Student, Court Sorceror

Beliefs: Necromancy is an abberation of magic, I must unravel the mystery of my father's hate of magic, My allegiance is to The Mysterium first.

Instincts: Always seriously consider what The Mysterium has to say, Always travel with Manny and Will, Always pursue magical knowledge.

Traits: Mark of Privelege, Your Lordship, Inscrutable, Base Humility, Gifted

Relationships and Reputations:  Friendly with Seth from House Korren, Friendly with Mathias, reputation amongst The Mysterium as a novice undead hunter, Wait and See

Affiliations: Celestial Court,  House Van Lieber,  Nobility'

Spells: Low Speech, Spirit Servant, The Fear, Flame Finger, Fire Breath


Tequis fully earned the title of blackest sheep in a family of black sheep when he decided to attend The Mysterium at the urging of his house mage, Mathias, who long sensed his gift.  After years of education at The Mysterium, where he joined the Celestial Court, he now wanders the wilds in search of lost knowledge and hunting down any undead.  His constant companions are WIll, a thug he rescued from the street whom he uses as muscle, and Manny, his loyal dire wolf.

Returning home for the first time in years for his brother's wedding, he has little idea of what lies in wait for him…


Played by Adam

Tequis Van Lieber

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