Weath Van Lieber

A warrior who craved battle so much, he travelled across The Wide Sea to find it. Returned, penniless, from years of campaigning, he must try to fit back into society and serve his House as best he can.


Age : 25

Lifepaths: Born Noble, Footsoldier, Sergeant, Veteran

Beliefs: I will bring honor to my name with violent justice, Challenge those that besmirch my name, House Ostmund is evil and corrupt

Instincts: Always be ready for a fight, Always draw first, Always take an food I see

Traits: Mark of Privelege, Stubborn, Manhunter

Repuations and Relationships: Badass (widely known), Hates Ostmunds, Wait and See, Friendly with Sir Brugo

Affiliations: House Van Lieber, Nobility

(Stats from character creation)



At an early age, Weath decided that he needed more of a challenge to his battle skills than the bandits and braggarts of his homeland.  Without a nearby war to fight, he had to go find one.  Following in his infamous uncle's footsteps, he travelled to Niambe where he worked for years as mercenary for the various city-states. After having his will broken by being captured and tortured, he eventually escaped and travelled back to his homeland, just in time for his brother's wedding.

He has the embarrassing habit of stuffing any food he sees in his pocket to eat later.

While penniless, his heirloom sword is made of mithril and is a priceless artifact of an earlier age.


Played by Phil

Weath Van Lieber

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